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What is AIsa-F?

Alsa-F is a liquid compound organic mineral fertilizer, consisting of natural fertilizers and plant extracts.
Alsa-F: a unique liquid product that increases the resistance of a plant. This makes the plant more resistant to diseases and pests.

The addition of well-absorbent plant extracts and nitrogen stimulates the growth of the plant, stimulates the rhizosphere and improves resistance to stress.

How does AIsa-F work?

Alsa-F works systemically.
Alsa-F is easily absorbed by the plant.
The action of Alsa-F in the plant is about 7 to 10 days.


Increased the resistance of the plant.
Promotes healthy growth of the plant.
Apply in any type of substrate.
Promotes the health of the plant.

Composition of Alsa-F:
Total N: 4%
Nitrogen of animal origin
Plant extracts

How do you use Alsa-F?

If possible, administer Alsa-F with a dosing unit. If this is not possible, the week-dose of Alsa-F must be included with the diet in one day.

Dosage:        1 to 2 liters per ha. repeat weekly.

How do you save Alsa-F?
After opening, Alsa-F can be kept for at least 6 months, provided the bottle is properly closed and stored in a cool, dark place.
Do not use Alsa-F together with hydrogen peroxide products. Shake well before use.

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