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What is Oriand?

Oriand is an organic leaf fertiliser based on several plantextracts. It contains several nutrients that are needed for a more balanced and healthy growth of the crop.

How does Oriand work?

Oriand ensures faster and better absorption of nutrients, and thereby increases the natural resistance of the plant.


Repeat regularly

For the best results of Oriand, it is important that the treatment is repeated at regular intervals.
Only then all the leaves are actually covered. Due to the growth of the crop, it is necessary to repeat the treatment every week.
During periods of rapid growth, it is necessary to spray Oriand every five days.

How is Oriand used?

**When using Oriand, ensure good leaf coverage.

Oriand can be applied with all the usual spraying techniques. The most reliable result is obtained by beginning early in the spring and continuing so that the crop is clean at the end of the season.


1 liter per 1000 m2 .   Repeat every 5 – 7 days.
In times of rapid growth: repeat every 5 days.
* Always apply a test spray in sensitive crops.

How should Oriand be stored?

Oriand can be kept for two months after opening, providing the bottle is securely closed and stored in a cool, dark place.

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