Savitan-F increases the resistance of your crop

What is Savitan-F?

Savitan-F is a liquid organic fertiliser based on plant extracts, including desert plants. Savitan-F increases the resistance of the crop, making it suitable for use in times when a crop is weak and therefore more susceptible to diseases. The plant is then not very able to resist disease-causing (pathogenic) organisms. By giving Savitan-F as a nutrient to the plant, the immune system is activated more quickly, which considerably reduces the risk of infection. In fact, the plant is more alert.

How does Savitan-F work?
Increasing resistance:
* One of the main ingredients of Savitan-F is natural salicylic acid that activates the plant's immune system so that it can offer more resistance to various pathogenic organisms.
* Moreover, the fatty acids in Savitan-F ensure that the structure of the cell wall is strengthened. This strengthens the plant.

Dosage: 1 liter per hectare. Repeat every week.
Savitan-F must be used consistently!

If weekly irrigation of certain crops is impossible or undesirable, Savitan-F may be administered every two weeks.
Dosage: 2 liters per hectare.
If the soil temperature is below 5 degrees, Savitan-F does not need to be administered.

Savitan-F can be stored six months after opening, provided that the bottle is safely closed and stored in a cool, dry and dark place.
Do not use Savitan-F with hydrogen peroxide products.


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