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What is Syzar-F?


Syzar-F is a liquid organic foliar fertiliser based on plant extracts. Syzar-F increases the resistance of the plant, making it suitable for use in periods of stress.
The plant is then more susceptible to diseases.
The plant is then not very able to resist disease-causing (pathogenic) organisms. By giving Syzar-F as nutrient to the plant, the immune system is strengthened,
considerably reducing the risk of diseases and insects.


How does Syzar-F work?

Syzar-F works best in the top of the plant.
It is therefore important to regularly spray the newly formed leaves in the top.


Increases the natural resistance of the plant.
Strengthens growth.
Reduces the use of plant protection products.

Repeat regularly

For an effective use of Syzar-F, it is important that the treatment is repeated regularly. Only then will all (new) leaves actually be covered. Due to the growth of the crop, it is necessary to repeat the treatment every week. During strong growth periods it is necessary to administer Syzar-F every five days.

How do you use Syzar-F?

When using Syzar-F, pay attention to good leaf coverings.
Syzar-F can be used with all common spray techniques.

Dosage: 1.5 liters per ha. Repeat every 7 days.
               in fast growing crops: repeat every 5 days.

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