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What is Biopak

Biopak is a natural product based on carefully selected micro-organisms and growth promoters. With ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, sugars and soil bacteria, Biopak promotes a healthy root environment and creates the optimal growth conditions for your crop. This makes Biopak ideally suited for restoring a soil environment that has been disrupted, but it is also very suitable for stimulating the root environment of your crop.

How does Biopak work

Good crop care begins with the soil. Every soil naturally contains many micro-organisms in the form of bacteria and moulds. In a biologically healthy soil, useful bacteria and moulds predominate over pathogenic organisms. However this natural equilibrium can be entirely unbalanced, for example through the frequent use of chemicals or fertiliser, and through monoculture regimes.

You can restore the natural equilibrium in the soil environment with the aid of the active micro-organisms and growth promoters in Biopak.

Biopak contains various kinds of bacteria for the purpose. These bacteria protect the plant. They compete for space and food with pathogenic organisms and in doing so lower the infection pressure.

Biopak also contains nitrogen fixing and phosphate dissolving bacteria. These bacteria provide the plant with nitrates and phosphates. Another type of bacteria in Biopak is a Bacillus subtilus type, which protects the plant against pathogenic organisms.

Bacillus can increase the amount of fixed nitrogen in the immediate environment. The bacteria do this by transforming gaseous nitrogen from the air into nitrates that can be directly absorbed by the plant. Moreover, Bacillus frees up phosphates that are bound to soil particles. This last characteristic of the Bacillus makes a considerable contribution to the nutrition and protection the plant requires.

Biopak is ideally suited for stimulating the root environment. Administering Biopak immediately after steam sterilisation rapidly produces a great diversity of micro-organisms that stimulate the root growth of your crop.


Start dose
200 grams per 1,000 m2. (2 kg per hectare)
Where initial growth is poor, or for sensitive crops:
100 grams per 1,000 m2 after one week (1 kg per hectare)

Maintenance dose
100 grams per 1,000 m2, repeat every four weeks.

The dosage depends, among other factors, on crop sensitivity and infection pressure. An extra dose may be given where there is a higher infection pressure. It is not possible to give an overdose of Biopak.

It is recommended to apply additional irrigation water after administering Biopak, in order to flush lines, drippers and nozzles.

First mix Biopak with a small quantity of (lukewarm) water, and then add the rest of the water to the mix. The solution may not be combined with the fertiliser in the dosage tank, but can be given along with measured doses of EC. The Biopak solution should be used within 12 hours of adding the water.

  • Biopak is broadly applicable, for both vegetables and flowers under glass and for growing out of doors, in natural soil or on a substrate.
  • Biopak can be used throughout the year (mix with irrigation water).
  • Biopak can be used along with most common agricultural chemicals.
  • Consult DeruNed for free advice on dosage where agricultural chemicals are in frequent use.
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